TEAM project:

„New solution processable organic and hybrid (organic/inorganic) functional materials for electronics, optoelectronics and spintronics”

Research tasks

  1. Synthesis of semiconducting molecules and macromonomers followed by their polymerization.
  2. Spectroscopic, electrochemical, spectroelectrochemical, structural and thermal studies of the obtained semiconducting compounds accompanied by quantum chemical calculations.
  3. Optimization of the solution processing techniques, fabrication of test devices, their characterization and investigation of their working stability.
  4. Synthesis of low and high molecular weight molecular magnets.
  5. Determination of the redox, structural and magnetic properties of obtained compounds, accompanied by quantum chemical calculations.
  6. Investigation of the magnetic photoswitching phenomenon.
  7. Preparation of Cd- and Pb-free inorganic semiconductors of low band gap, functionalization of their surface via tailored surfacial ligands design and preparation.
  8. Preparation and processing of hybrid materials via ligand exchange, covalent grafting through a linker ligand or via molecular recognition.
  9. Electrochemical, structural, morphological and thermal studies of the obtained hybrids.
  10. Optimization of the processing conditions, fabrication and characterization of test devices.

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